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#tbt - that time in the admirals club when @jaredleto offered us his edamame. THEN: March 10 2013 The Admirals Club LA We were an unsigned completely independent band from Australia, in the USA for the very first time, headed to Austin TX for SXSW, who’d managed to sneak into the admirals club before take of for a cheeky champagne/martini before take off. He was a famous, talented, nice guy with a flight to catch. NOW: We are heading back to SXSW to play some incredible shows, we have just signed to Verve Records, have an amazing manager Evan Winiker at The Creedo Co, brilliant booking agents AND a publicist, and have just released a debut EP ‘Into The Fire’ in the US. He just won an Oscar. Thanks to everyone who’s helped us make it this far, and thankyou jared leto for the amazing music, acting and edamame. #Oscars #DallasBuyersClub #legend



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