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OMG! we have met some of the cutest most awesome people on the road with @deltarae! Here's a pic from Ridgefield, CT! We might not be playing your city this week, but if you wanna hear more of us on the airwaves give your local station a call and request HOME by Falls! Thanks to the following stations for already giving us a spin! Give them a call WZEW, Mobile, AL - (251) 438-5460 KPND, Spokane, WA - (208) 263-0953 The Krush-KRSH Santa Rosa, CA - (707) 588-9999 WNRN Charlottesville, VA - (434) 979-0919 WYSO Public Radio Yellow Springs, OH - (937) 769-1998 #GIRLS #ontheroadagain #requestusontheradio



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